Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Can Be Funny – Yes, He Can

The New York Times ran a front-page article today on the troubles our late-night Court Jesters and lampoonists are having with Barack Obama. I read along dutifully until the last sentence in which one writer was quoted: “We’re hoping he picks an idiot as vice president.” I belly-laughed. That was funny. So, there is some humor in the guy after all.

Now, I’m no comedy writer, but I thought of two jokes that involve Obama within seconds of reading the article that are pretty funny and worthy contributions to the political debate and overall process for choosing the next President of these United States. The trick is to think of humor that doesn’t necessarily directly attack or pick up on something about Obama himself. If we focus on those around him: those who support him, those who oppose, and probably most fruitful, those who aren’t sure, we’ll find plenty of humor, more than enough to stock every one of the nightly monologues and running jokes until the election, and after.

Here’s one in the Jeff Foxworthy vein: You’re know you’re a redneck when you’re it ticks you off that Obama wouldn’t eat one of them Krispy Kremes while on the campaign trail.

Here’s another one. Obama is in a diner in small Pennsylvania coal town. He’s offered a lard-baked doughnut and a shot of rot-gut, which along with a mug of tar-like coffee has been the miner’s or the mill-worker’s breakfast for generations. An angel pops on his left shoulder: “Oh no, honey, you can’t take that; it’s really bad for you.” But, a devil pops on the right shoulder: “Oh, yes, you can. Yes, you can!”

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